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Admission to the University

You should apply for admission to the University using the University’s online GRADSAF (Graduate Admission and Scholarship Application Form) if you:

  • wish to apply for University-wide funding competitions (eg Gates, Cambridge Overseas & Commonwealth Trusts, Cambridge Home and EU Scholarships etc – see funding deadlines above.
  • wish to apply for a College studentship
  • have an external scholarship; or
  • have your own funding.


NB each application made using a GRADSAF will cost you £50

Are you eligible to apply for admission to our programmes?

Competition for admission to the University of Cambridge graduate programme is intense. Like all departments in the Graduate School, we require all our graduate entrants to have:

Which qualification do you want to apply for?

  • MPhil by research (thesis): Code BLPHM1 (1 year)
  • PhD (thesis) Code BLPH22 (minimum 3 years, maximum 4 full-time)
  • The BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership PhD course code is BLBB22

What topic do you want to study and which supervisor do you want to work with ?

The first question on the GRADSAF application form requires you to choose a course – for research applicants this means specifying which department or institute in which you wish to work.

To choose a department, you need to do some serious homework to identify a topic and one or more supervisors in the department with whom you wish to work.

If you have not already decided on the Department of Pharmacology, you should:

  • Look at the abstracts of projects for 2016 and also get in contact with the principal Investigator (PI) concerned (contact details can be found in individual PIs research pages)
  • Browse the web pages of the PIs that are of interest to you to check details of their research
  • If you are interested in more than one supervisor within THIS department, you can name them as first and second choice in your application, but if you want to apply to supervisors in different departments, you will have to make separate applications (one to each department). (NB each application will cost £50)
  • Many research topics are also available in other departments of the Graduate School of Life Sciences – browse the Graduate School’s searchable database -