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Graduate Admissions in the Department of Pharmacology

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Graduate admissions in the Department of Pharmacology are overseen by Dr Lesley MacVinish.

If you have queries, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at, telephone: 01223 334000.


The Department of Pharmacology offers comprehensive facilities for research in purpose-built laboratories situated near the other biological departments in the centre of Cambridge.

A list of specific research projects for October 2015 is given below

Abstracts of research projects available for October 2015.

Admission to the University requires completion of the University’s online GRADSAF (Graduate Admission and Scholarship Application Form).

If you wish to apply for Departmental Studentships (open to ‘home’ (UK) applicants only) you will need to enter a preliminary competition before completing the GRADSAF and should follow the instructions in Applications from Home (UK) Students.

If you intend to apply for other funding (eg Gates, Cambridge Overseas & Commonwealth Trusts, Cambridge Home and EU Scholarships you should proceed directly to Applications from Students from outside the UK.

Applicants wishing to be considered for funding must complete Section B (Financial Aid) in full in order to facilitate the consideration of their funding application. Please note that admissions decisions are taken independently of funding decisions. Further details are at: