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The Neural Circuits Regulating Appetite


Apergis-Schoute Dr John

Dr John Apergis-Schoute- Group Leader

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow

Member of the Naked Mole-Rat Initiative


Tel:+44 1223 339 682

Fax:+44 1223 334100


Appetite, hypothalamus, amygdala, orexin, optogenetic circuit mapping

Investigator biography

The core focus of the Apergis-Schoute lab is to understand the functional connectivity of distinct neural circuits and how their divergent projections can give rise to unique functions. Early on he worked in the laboratory of Professor Joseph Ledoux of New York University where was he was involved in behavioural research aimed at understanding the brain networks that encode for and facilitate emotional memory formation. This initial experience set the stage for his PhD work, supervised by Professor Denis Pare at Rutgers University, using electrophysiology tools in continuing this line of research. Post PhD, he was awarded an International Fellowship by the National Science Foundation USA to further develop his skill set working first with Dr. Simon Schultz at Imperial College, London and then Dr. Stephen Williams at the LMB inCambridge for understanding how sensory processing can be understood from knowing the synaptic connectivity of distinct cortical circuits. Working closely with Professor Denis Burdakov he was awarded a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship and has now his own group, applying advanced genetic approaches for manipulating neurochemically-defined hypothalamic circuits in determining the neural circuits regulating appetite and how these networks can influence emotions via their inputs to the amygdala.

Lab Members

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If you are interested in our research and are keen to do a PhD, postdoc, or engage in a 3 month+ research project then please contact John