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Academic Research Themes

Taken from Professor J M Edwardson The overarching theme of research in the Department is to discover fundamental mechanisms by which drugs act, and to pave the way for new drug discovery.

With 19 independent research groups, including many research workers, research students and technical and support staff, we are one of the larger departments of Pharmacology in the United Kingdom. The Department is housed in central Cambridge, where it enjoys close proximity to other biological sciences departments, to excellent library facilities and to the attractive city centre. Major research areas of the Department include cell signalling, macromolecular structure, neuroscience, organ systems, and pharmacological intervention in cancer and infectious diseases. Research interests are described in detail on the individual staff research pages. The Department is also home to the Naked Mole-Rat Initiative.


Cell Signalling (Ladds, MacVinish, Taylor)

Cancer and Infectious Diseases (Itzhaki, Khaled, LindonVan Veen)

Neuropharmacology ( Belin, Smith, Thompson)

Vascular Pharmacology (Fan)

Stem Cell (Salas)