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RECENT PUBLICATIONS – others can be found


1.    Lochner, M.L. and A.J. Thompson. 2016. The Muscarinic Antagonists Scopolamine and Atropine are Competitive Antagonists at 5-HT3 Receptors. Neuropharmacology. In Press.

2.    Jarvis, G.E., R. Barbosa and A.J. Thompson. 2016. Non-Competitive Inhibition of 5-HT3 Receptors by Citral, Linalool and Eucalyptol Revealed by Non-Linear Mixed Effects Modelling. JPET. 356; 549-562.

3.    Ruepp, M-D., J.A. Brozik, I.J.P de Esch, R.W. Farndale, R.D. Murrell-Lagnado and A.J. Thompson. 2015. A Fluorescent Approach for Identifying P2X1 Ligands. 2015. Neuropharmacology. 98; 13-21.

4.    Barden, A.O., A.S. Goler, S.C. Humphreys, S. Tabatabaei, M. Lochner, M-D. Ruepp, T. Jack, A.J. Thompson, J.P. Jones and J.A. Brozik. 2015. Tracking Individual Membrane Proteins and Their Biochemistry: The Power of Direct Observation. 2015. Neuropharmacology. 98; 22-30.

5.    Lochner, M. and A.J. Thompson. 2015. A Review of Fluorescent Ligands for Studying 5-HT3 Receptors. Neuropharmacology. 98; 31-40.

6.    Thompson, A.J., T. Jack, J. Simonin, M-D. Ruepp, J. Gertsch and M. Lochner. 2015. Characterizing New Fluorescent Tools for Studying 5-HT3Receptor Pharmacology. Neuropharmacology. 90; 63-73.

7.    Lochner, M.L. and A.J. Thompson. 2014. The Antimalarial Drug Proguanil is an Antagonist at 5-HT3 Receptors. JPET. 351; 674-684.

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