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Regulation of neurotransmitter supply and release



Dr Brian Billups - Group leader

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Neurobiology, synapse, exocytosis, electrophysiology, cell imaging

Investigator biography

Dr Brian Billups studied for his PhD in the Physiology Department at University College London, using electrophysiological techniques to investigate the modulation of glutamate transporters. Following his PhD he spent a period of time at the University of Utah, USA, where he was awarded a Human Frontiers’ Long-term Fellowship to investigate calcium signals in astrocytes. He returned to the UK to join Professor Ian Forsythe’s group in the University of Leicester and was awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship to investigate modulation of neurotransmitter release from mammalian presynaptic terminals. This research involved the combined use of direct electrical recording and fluorescent ion imaging to elucidate how neurotransmitter release is controlled. He took up a University Lectureship in the Department of Pharmacology at Cambridge University in 2007 and continues to investigate the modulation of neurotransmission in the central nervous system. His recent work has focussed on the mechanisms of glutamate recycling at excitatory synapses and the role of glial cells in producing neurotransmitter precursors. In addition to his laboratory research activities, Dr Billups is a member of the Editorial board of Open Biology, a member of the Royal Society research grants panel and a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

Lab members

Dr Daniela Billups - Miss Yah Nee Lo - Miss Mari Carmen Marx