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Department of Pharmacology


Information for Arriving Students & Staff

Please note: We would like to include your full name, CSRid, telephone, research profile, photo on our publicly accessible website.  Please let us know if you do not wish some or all of your details to be included. Your name, ID, and lab photos are published on our public website and University lookup. If you wish to opt-out contact your Supervisor and Department Administrator.


On your first day

  1. Submit your Department Registration Form signed by you and your supervisor (if not done yet) to the Senior Secretary. You will receive a welcome pack and get your name included in the Department Telephone Directory and the Department List.
  2. Confirm your arrival with the Departmental Administrator (Link Admin space Level 3) and get laboratory/office keys.
  3. Contact Dr Antonio Ciruela (Link IT Office Level 1) to get your University card onto our security access system that allows you to get in and out of many of our facilities.
  4. Contact Tracey Greaves (Accounts Level 1 by reception) to set up any grants you may have, also to obtain keys to the cycle cage and the underpass wicket gate if required.
  5. Visit Stores Level 1 to add your name to the deliveries list.

To get a brief summary of the workings of the Department please see the pages on Safety, IT, and Security and Communal Facilities on our Intranet site.



Department of Pharmacology Registration Form

Department Sickness Self Certificate Form

Rules for Safe Working in the Department Pharmacology

University Computing Services Resources Application Form

Department of Pharmacology Network Resources Application Form

Department of Pharmacology IT Rules and Regulations


A Rough Guide to the Department of Pharmacology

General Facilities

Access to the Department facilities is by University card only. To get your card activated you will need to see the Pharmacology IT Office.

All members of the Department working out of hours MUST sign the book at either the front or the back door, giving time of arrival, room number and, on leaving, time of departure.

There are toilets at the near end of every corridor and a disabled access toilet. There is also a shower facility.

The Seminar Room and Meeting Room are communal facilities for meetings/interviews etc, and must be booked in advance: contact .

The tea room on Level 4 never closes. There is a self-service machine that dispenses hot drinks, sachets can be bought at the counter (please remember to pay). There is also a snacks machine.


Communal Research Facilities

There is a coldroom on each of Levels 2, 3 & 4. These are communal facilities with pre-allocated space.

Tissue Culture Rooms are situated on Levels 2 & 3 and are for communal use with a number of microbiological cabinets and incubators.

Centifuges: 2 ultracentrifuges, 2 high speed centrifuges and associated rotors; two glasswashers.

There is a large autoclave in the classroom that can be used for the sterilization of large amounts of material. There is a 40L autoclave in TC Level 3 and two smaller bench autoclaves.

Plate reader, Gel Imager, Nanospectrophotometer, gel cutter and freeze dryer and a cryostat.

There is a darkroom for general use.

Scintillation counters: we have three beta counters and a gamma counter.

Liquid nitrogen cryostores and communal –80 Freezers in which groups have pre-allocated space.

There are 3 shaking incubators, normally running at 37°, for growing bacteria in liquid culture.



The Department has clear rules on the use of computers.

Information Services has a license for some Intel Security (McAfee) anti-virus products, which are available free of charge to all students and staff of the University and Colleges. The license also allows for use on home machines. Once installed the products will automatically check for and download new anti-virus definitions daily.

We charge 4p/side for printing. You are free to use the printer for photocopying and scanning. Some copiers are also situated in Level 3, access to them is via an ID code (Contact Barney/Sergio).

Phone use above a limit (£10/month in labs) will be charged to the user.


Stores and Deliveries

The stores are open from 9am-1pm & 2-4pm Monday – Thursday, and 9am-1pm only on Fridays.

All goods ordered will enter the Department via the stores. The stores carry a limited stock. Ordering is done in the Accounts office where orders should be taken for dispatch (before 12pm for same-day ordering).

There is an internal mailing system (UMS) with, normally, one delivery/collection in the morning, around 9.00am. This system covers all University Departments and Addenbrooke's Hospital.



We have recycling systems for:

  • batteries (take to stores)
  • tin cans and plastic bottles (boxes inside the tea room)
  • paper/glossy paper (green bins at various points around the building)
  • glass and cardboard are also recycled – please ‘collapse’ boxes so that they can be disposed of efficiently.



Information for Departing Staff

Checklist for Leavers

Fill in the Department Leaving Form, make sure it is signed by you and your supervisor, and return it to the Senior Secretary at least a week before your departure date.

Clear out before you go:

  • Make sure that all the raw materials used in your research are disposed of in the correct way.
  • Clear ALL material stored in fridges/freezers that have not been reallocated to another researcher.

Sign off by informing the following people of your departure:

  • Accounts - to settle any final expense claims and close any grants you may have and remove your name from their deliveries list.
  • IT Office - to remove your name from the Departmental email list and cancel University email accounts. (Your account will be removed when you have ceased to be a member of the University).

On your last day check out:

  • Departmental Administrator  - to return laboratory/office keys and your parking permit.
  • IT Office - to return your University swipe card.


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