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Department of Pharmacology

Structure and function of calcium signalling pathways


Key publications: 

Lopez Sanjurjo, CI, Tovey, SC, Prole, DL & Taylor CW (2013) Lysosomes shape Ins(1,4,5)P3-evoked Ca2+ signals by selectively sequestering Ca2+ released from the endoplasmic reticulum. J. Cell Sci. 126, 289-300. PMCID 23097044.

Seo, M-D, Velamakanni, S, Ishiyama, N, Stathopulos, PB, Rossi, AM, Khan, SA, Dale, P, Li, C, Ames, JB, Ikura, M & Taylor, CW (2012) Structural and functional conservation of key domains in InsP3 and ryanodine receptors. Nature 483, 108-112. PMCID 22286060.

Rahman, T-U, Skupin, A, Falcke, M & Taylor CW (2009) Clustering of IP3 receptors by IP3 retunes their regulation by IP3 and Ca2+. Nature. 458, 655-659. PMCID 19348050.

Investigator biography

Colin read Zoology at Cambridge, before completing a PhD in insect physiology with Mike Berridge. He completed postdoctoral work with Jim Putney in the USA, before returning to Cambridge as a research fellow of St John's College and a Royal Society Locke Research Fellow. He was appointed to a lectureship in pharmacology soon afterwards, and then to a Lister Institute Research Fellowship. He was appointed Professor in Cellular Pharmacology in 2001. Colin has served on various editorial boards, and committees of funding agencies and societies, including chairing the board of Gordon Research Conferences. He is a member of Academia Europaea and Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator. His lab is interested in calcium signalling.

Professor of Cellular Pharmacology
Professor Colin  Taylor

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+44 (0) 1223 3 34058 / Lab: 3 34062
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Person keywords: 
Calcium, cell signalling, endoplasmic reticulum, IP3 receptor, ion channel, lysosome, migration, protein structure, protein trafficking.