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Department of Pharmacology

Cyclic AMP


Key publications: 

AKAP79 and PKC, PKA and PDE4, participate in a Gq-linked muscarinic receptor and adenylyl cyclase 2 cAMP signalling complex. JX Shen and DMF Cooper. Biochem. J. 455, 47-56 (2013)

Direct binding of AC8 and Orai1 underlies dynamic Ca2+-regulated cAMP signalling.  D Willoughby, KL Everett, ML Halls, J Pacheco, P Skroblin, L Vaca, E Klussmann and DMF Cooper Science Signaling (2012) 5, ra29

Sub-picomolar relaxin signaling by a pre-assembled RXFP1, AKAP-79, AC2, β-arrestin 2, PDE4D3 complex. ML Halls and DMF Cooper EMBO Journal 29, 2772-2787 (2010)

Investigator biography:

I have worked on cyclic AMP since my Ph.D. on cAMP and lipolysis in Biochemistry in Bangor, North Wales. I then did a postdoc in Sussex (Biochemistry group, School of Biological Sciences) on ACTH – effects on adrenal steroidogenesis and control of its secretion by CRH. I went to the US – NIH (Bethesda, MD) in 1977 to join the lab of the later Nobel Laureate, Martin Rodbell, to work on G-proteins. My efforts were largely focused on proving that Gi was an entity that differed from Gs. I took a faculty position in the Pharmacology department of the University of Colorado School of Medicine (1982; becoming full Professor in 1991), where I initiated work on the impact of Calcium signaling on adenylyl cyclases. I spent a sabbatical year (1989) at the University of Geneva learning the issues surrounding Calcium imaging and ion channels, and a sabbatical (1995/96) in the Pharmacology department in Cambridge, with Robin Irvine, pursuing questions on inositol phosphates, susceptibilities of ACs to membrane potential, as well as Calcium imaging with aequorin-tagged ACs in Padua with Sarino Rizzuto. In 2002 I moved my lab to Pharmacology in Cambridge, where we continue to focus on the organizational properties of ACs and their association with Calcium channels.   

Signalling Pharmacology
Professor Dermot  Cooper
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Person keywords: 
Cellular signalling, cancer, adenylyl cyclase, protein kinase, cyclic AMP, AKAP, Akinase anchoring proteins