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Dr Lesley MacVinish

Dr Lesley  MacVinish

Senior Teaching Associate

Organiser of MVST IB MoDA Course

Admissions Tutor (Sciences), Wolfson College

Director of Studies Medicine (Graduate Course), Wolfson College

Director of Studies Veterinary Medicine (Pre-Clinical), Wolfson College

CFTR and Cystic Fibrosis

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 3 34034


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Key Publications

Murthy M, Pedemonte N, MacVinish L, Galietta L, Cuthbert A. 4-chloro-benzo[F]isoquinoline (CBIQ) is a novel activator of CFTR chloride channels at nanomolar concentrations. (2005). European J Pharmacol, 516(2):118-24

MacVinish L.J., Cope G., Ropenga A. & Cuthbert A.W. Chloride transporting capability of Calu-3 epithelia following persistent knockdown of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator, CFTR. (2007) Br J Pharmacol. Apr;150(8):1055-65

Edmond C.Y. U, Xin J. Zhao & L J MacVinish (2005) The effect of sildenafil on chloride secretion in normal and transgenic murine cystic fibrosis colonic epithelia. Proceedings of the British Pharmacological Society at Vol3 Issue2 abst126P

Investigator biography

I read Biology at Aberdeen University (1975–1979) where I also studied for my PhD (1979-1983). On completion of my doctorate I moved to Cambridge and worked as a postdoctoral researcher for many years in the laboratory of Professor Alan Cuthbert in the Departments of Pharmacology and Medicine. Our research focussed on epithelial physiology and pharmacology, with a specific interest in the genetic disease, cystic fibrosis.

I returned to Pharmacology in 2004 to take up the post of Senior Teaching Associate where I am the departmental teaching coordinator as well as having a full teaching load. In recognition of my contribution to outstanding teaching within the Department, I was awarded the a Pilkington Prize for Teaching in 2013 ( I am also the Graduate Admissions Tutor for the Department and Joint Chair of the Cambridge BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership programme (

In 2012 I was appointed as Deputy Director of Education for the Faculty of Biology in addition to my Departmental role. I have special teaching responsibility for the Medical and Veterinary Science Tripos and, as such, serves on a number of University Committees to support this role.