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The security of individuals and the department relies on all members doing their bit to maintain secure premises. Do not let people into the department unchallenged and challenge people who you do not believe should be in the department or the specific area where you encounter them. This can be as simple as saying, “Hello, can I help you?” With many students passing through the department, as well as other visitors, this can sometimes be difficult, but better an unnecessary challenge than a malefactor going undisturbed.

If you are concerned about an individual or activity contact the Department Safety Officer (DSO) or Security using the numbers below:

DSO: 01223 (3)34031 / 07787 800 888 
Security: Emergency Internal 101
Emergency External 01223 767444

The department has extra security measures in place with card access to individual floors as well as the main doors. Please respect this security and also lock individual labs when they are empty, both during and outside of normal working hours.