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Risk Assessment Form – for Low Risk Trave

This form is for ALL low risk travel away from Cambridge which is defined as:

- Non-practical work – desk-based, conference, seminar, etc.


- Countries where the FCO have not advised against travel – check on the following link: ( advice)

The details below must be completed before you leave – all fields are mandatory.

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End Date:  
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The hazards and consequent risks of this activity are similar to what I encounter doing low risk work at Cambridge (e.g. office work, attending lectures), the duration is under 30-days, there is no specific FCO rating for the location I am visiting and I cannot perceive any individual factors that would put me at high risk. This is, therefore, a low risk activity. The statements below list the precautions I will take to avoid higher risk.

By signing this form I agree to the following:

  • I understand that further risk assessment is required for higher hazard activities e.g. laboratory work, visits to developing countries, work in communities etc.
  • I will follow the safety advice and guidance of the host organisation.
  • I will obtain sufficient insurance (travel, health) and I understand that my work away is not authorised without it.  I have read the University of Cambridge Travel Insurance Policy and am aware of all exclusions (including higher risk leisure activities)
  • When travelling abroad I will follow the guidance of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • I am aware that certain types of accommodation (e.g. Airbnb) should not be used as per University and Departmental advice.
  • My itinerary and contact number are known by a Pharmacology Department contact (e.g. Supervisor, local Administrator).  My emergency contacts are kept up to date on the Employee Self-service page or CAMSIS.
  • I will avoid lone working and travelling alone as far as possible.
  • I will not travel if adverse weather, natural disaster or civil disturbance is indicated.
  • I will report any safety concerns to the host organisation and/or to Pharmacology management/College.
  • I will follow ergonomic guidelines regarding use of laptops and other computers as far as practicable.
  • I will use a regular mode of travel provided by a reputable company, allowing adequate travel time to avoid unnecessary risks.
  • If driving, I will comply with all local driving restrictions.