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Risk Assessment Form – for Standard Risk Travel

This form is for higher risk travel away from Cambridge where ANY of the following apply:

- Includes laboratory work, OR

- Duration of more than 30-days, OR - Where the country has a specific FCO warning ( advice) in place, OR

- Where other significant hazards are reasonably foreseeable

- Guidance document for section 7 of the standard risk travel form can be obtain here

The details below must be completed before you leave – all fields are mandatory.

1. Contact Details:
2. Travel itinerary:
Travel start date  
/ /  
Travel end date  
/ /  
3. Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel advice rating: Please indicate below the FCO rating for the area that you will be staying and working in.
Date checked:  
/ /  

You can sign up to FCO travel alerts by following the link below; select your destination and subscribe to the email alerts for the country you propose to visit:

I agree that I will subscribe to and monitor Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel alerts for my proposed destination. If these change I will arrange a review of the assessment with my UK Supervisor and/or return to the UK as soon as possible if advised to do so.
4. Personal vulnerabilities, Local Laws and Customs:
to indicate that you have considered your wellbeing needs and discussed these with your College Tutor, if applicable, and record any information that you feel is relevant. Please also read all information relating to the local laws and customs of the area you are visiting and consider implications of your personal factors within the local culture.
5. Insurance:
In order to ensure that your work away is fully authorised you MUST purchase travel insurance if leaving the UK (and not visiting your home country). Please agree that you will buy insurance if applicable and include details of policy.
6. Check-in details/Emergency contact points:
Arrange a suitable frequency and method check-in with your Supervisor or other designated person within the University for the duration of the trip.
7. Hazard Table:

The table below has been pre-filled with examples of hazards that may be present during your proposed working away – you MUST amend, remove or add hazards as appropriate. Control measures should be specific to you and the work you are proposing to carry out.

Guidance document for section 7 of the standard risk travel form can be obtain here

Hazards details: Hazard: Specific factors in the environment which may cause you harm - Hazard Description and Personal Vulnerabilities: If known: include frequency of when the threat may occur, for example when travelling, visiting a remote region, during religious festival, in a crowded space, etc. - Control Measures/actions to reduce risk levels: Include action that may be taken to reduce risks as far as possible/practical.
field hazards The above are only examples to assist you. You must continue to add hazards to the fields as necessary.

The above are only examples to assist you. You must continue to add hazards to the above fiels as necessary.

Person working away:
I am signing to indicate that I have read and will abide by the statements above and will carry out additional risk assessments where necessary
Enter the word
Department of Pharmacology:
I am signing to indicate that this constitutes a suitable and sufficient assessment of the level of risk identified.
Please Include the Host Questionnaire