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Travel and Working Away

Travel and Working Away Overview 

Working away from Cambridge means, in this context, “any activity undertaken in connection with the business of the University in locations other than those which are the usual domain of the work”. 

 As a minimum standard you should: 

refer to the University Guidance pages 

  • do a risk assessment or check that there is an existing valid one (see form) 

• revise the risk assessment if necessary 

• check out insurance arrangements 

• make sure emergency arrangements are in place 

The risk assessment required for routine types of work, such as attending other universities (not lab-work) or conferences, can be generic and simple – use the Low Risk Travel Assessment Form and send to Barney Leeke. 

For longer term working away (more than 30-days) or for higher risk activities (e.g. working in a laboratory, staying in remote areas, visiting developing countries etc.) you should complete the Risk Assessment for Standard Risk Travel and send this to the Safety Office (Barney Leeke for review prior and authorisation.  

Please note that University Travel Insurance cover, if required, must be applied for separately prior to travel. 

Departmental guidance for those working away: 


Name, email and telephone: 

Emergency contact within Pharmacology  

Barney Leeke, Safety Officer 

+44 (0)1223 3 34031 

Alternative emergency contact within Pharmacolgy 

Julie Boucher, Dept’l Administrator 

+44 (0)1223 3 34001 


Risk Assessment forms: 

If you have any difficulty in deciding what risk form to use or what to include in your form then please contact the Safety Officer via with a brief explanation of your plans. 



Name and email 

2 – 3 months prior to departure 

Submit risk assessment to: 

You must wait for your risk assessment to be approved before departure. 

Barney Leeke, Safety Officer 


Record arrival and departure date with: 

Your Supervisor 


Barney Leeke, Safety Officer 


Maintain contact with: 

Your Supervisor on a weekly basis 

Prior and during 

Report academic and Health & Safety issues to: 

Barney Leeke, Safety Officer 

Prior and during 

Report wellbeing concerns to: 

College Tutor