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Audio Visual Resources

If you have any queries or issues with any of the Departmental AVA equipment contact

Lecture Theatre

The Lecture Theatre has an extensive range of equipment including a Windows 7 PC, two Wolfvision visualizers and a DVD/VHS player, alternatively personal laptops (PC or Macintosh) can be connected to the system via the VGA cable supplied near the lectern. The large screen can accommodate two projected images simultaneously allowing the flexibility to display a variety of configurations such as using:

Image 1: Crestron touch panel

  • Both visualizers
  • A visualizer and the PC or laptop
  • A visualizer and the DVD/VHS player
  • A laptop and the PC
  • The PC or laptop and the DVD/VHS player

The system is controlled by a Crestron touch screen control panel (Image 1). This controls the projectors, visualizers, DVD/VHS player, TFT Monitor and sound volume. The Crestron touch screen control panel also has 10 physical buttons, 5 on each side of the unit that have the following functions:



Left Side

  1. HOME - to turn the system on and off
  2. BLANK - blanks and un-blanks projector display
  3. MUTE - mutes and un-mutes volume
  4. VOL UP - increases volume
  5. VOL DOWN - decreases volume

Right Side

  1. LIGHT -displays the lights
  2. OHP - displays visualizer screen
  3. VIDEO - displays DVD/VHS screen
  4. PROJ - displays the projectors
  5. TFT - displays the TFT screen


As well as the two gooseneck microphones attached to the lectern there are two microphones (handheld mic and lapel mic), they can be found in the set of drawers. If the batteries are low please inform the  so they can be changed.

Crestron Control Touch Screen Menu

Crestron -HOME

Image 2: Crestron control Main Menu

Powering on the System

There are differing options for tuning on the system

  • System On - Turns on all the AV equipment and the two projectors. (Switch on pc manually)
  • Power on Projector left or Power on Projector Right – Turns on all the AV equipment but only the relevant projector required.
  • Lectern TFT Screen – Turns on the power to the Lectern TFT screen only. To enable use of the computer housed in the lectern without having to power on all the other AV equipment or the projectors.



3: Crestron control Sorce Select Menu

Selecting a Source to View

This is the menu where you select what you want to project onto the screen.

There are several different sources that can be viewed on the left or right hand side of the large screen at the front of the lecture hall. Once the projectors are powered on. To select a source go to the Input View page using the tab at the bottom of the touch screen. Then you will see each screen listed on the top of the page with corresponding buttons below the screen name that will select the image to be shown on that screen.

The 'Blank' button blanks and un-blanks output from the projector

4: Crestron control DVD/VCR Menu



Using the DVD Player

The DVD is located in the lectern.

The DVD player can be used in the following ways:

Preparing a DVD to view

  • 1, Place a DVD in the player.
  • 2, Ensure that the DVD/VCR button on the front of the player is set to “DVD”.
  • 3, On the touch screen press the Advanced tab. Then press the DVD button.
  • 4, Basic DVD controls are then available for you to cue your DVD in preparation for showing on a projector

Advanced tab. Then press the DVD button. 4, Basic DVD controls are then available for you to cue your DVD in preparation for showing on a projector




Image 5: Crestron control Sorce Select Menu

Showing the DVD image on a projector

Assuming the DVD player is on and prepared as above the press the Input/View tab and selecting the DVD for the left or right screen. Then press the DVD button on the Controls list to get you back to the DVD control where you can then press play to show you DVD.

Viewing a VCR Tape

VCR tapes can be show using the VCR element of the DVD player but no controls are available on the touch screen so to view a VCR tape place the tape in the DVD/VCR player, select VCR on the DVD/VCR button on the front of the player then go to the touch screen ad select DVD on the Input View tab for the left or right projector. Use the play stop etc buttons on the front of the DVD/VCR player to control the tape.




Selecting a Visualiser

When a visualiser (Vis 1 or Vis 2) is selected the corresponding visualiser is automatically turned on when in use and then turned off again if a different source is selected.

Each visualiser can be controlled by using either the buttons on the visualiser itself or by pressing the corresponding button Vis1 or Vis 2 under the “control” list on the Input View page. These buttons are a shortcut to the visualiser controls that can be found in the Advanced tab pages.

Image 6: Crestron control Visualizer Menu 


The AV systems manages sound from devices such as the computers and the DVD player, this is commonly referred to as media audio plus in addition to this the system also facilitates the amplification of voices through a range of microphones, this is referred to a voice reinforcement.

Media Audio

Media audio is selected from the last button pressed of either the right or left screen source select buttons for left or right screen.

For example if you want the right screen o show a laptop image but the left to show a video from the lectern PC ensure that PC 1 on the left screen list is the last button pressed.

The volume level of media audio can be changed using the volume up and down buttons on the left hand side of the touch screen, the media volume level is shown by the VOL bar on the right of the screen.

Note that the media volume control has no effect on the voice reinforcement microphone levels, these are controlled separately.

Image 7: Crestron control Sorce Select Menu 

Voice Reinforcement

Several microphones are available for use being :

Lectern Microphones

These are fixed to the lectern and can be muted by either pressing the mute button on the left hand side of the touch screen (note this option mutes the media audio too)

Alternatively the lectern microphones can be muted on their own by going to the Advanced tab and selecting Mics. A Lectern mute button is available. The level of the lectern microphones is preset and cannot be adjusted by the user.

Radio Microphones

Three radio microphones are available for use:- Lapel 1 , Lapel2 and a hand held traditional microphone. All three of these microphones can be controlled individually by selecting Mics in the Advanced tab.

When a lapel microphone is switched on it states on it’s LCD display if it is Lapel 1 or 2.

Image 8: Crestron control Microphones Menu  

Powering off the system

The AV system can be turned off in several different ways being :

System Off

  • This is by far the best option to powering off the system once at the end of a lecture and leaving the room. The System Off button turns off all the projectors and all the associated AV equipment. Once the projectors have cooled down the mains power to the projectors is then automatically turned off.

Power off

  • for the left or right projector or the Lectern TFT screen. These power off buttons simply turn off the corresponding devices but do not turn off any other AV equipment
Image 9: Crestron control System OFF Menu  

Quickstart guides

    • Using the PC for a PowerPoint Presentation
      1. Turn on the PC and log in to your PHAR account
        see the 'How to Login to the PHAR domain (Windows machines and QuietRoom Macs) ...' TechNet 'How To...' entry for login help
      2. Go to the Crestron Screen Select menu (Image 4) and choose the desired projector input by pressing the 'PC' button on the Left and/or Right Projector
      3. If your PowerPoint presentation features sound
        ***NOTE The volume may be Mute by default. If so press the Mute button to un-mute


    • Using both Visualizers
      1. Go to the Crestron Screen Select menu (Image 4) and turn on both visualizers by pressing their 'On' buttons
      2. If you wish to focus either visualizer either do it on the machine or via the Crestron Visualizer Control menu (Image 7)


  • Projecting a movie on the DVD player
    1. Press the key VIDEO on the right hand side of the touch screen you will see (Image 6) and press the 'Turn Video Off/On' button of the right and or left projector depending where you want to project
    2. Press the 'DVD' button in the source section (if you require playback from VHS press the 'VHS' instead)
    3. Use the playback options to show the movie
      ***NOTE By default the sound volume may be mute, if so press the 'Mute' button to un-mute

Seminar Room


  • To turn the projector on, press on button located on the plate on the wall.
    *** Check the mains power socket for the projector is switched on. This is located in the corner of the room near the window.
    The projector will auto-detect input, cycling through its various modes.
  • To switch the projector off press the power button twice.


  • Turn the machine on and log in using your PHAR network account
  • If the projector is switched on it will auto-detect input.

A wireless presenter (with laser pointer) is supplied for use with the computer. Please contact if the batteries are flat.

An additional VGA cable is provided for users to connect other sources, you need to push in the button on the switch. This is situated under the lowest shelf.

Please leave the room in a tidy state, returning all mugs/cups to the tea room and removing any rubbish. Please consider the following group of users. Also please turn off all equipment and lights before you leave.

Meeting Room


  • To turn the TV on, press the power button located on the left had side.
  • Press the power button on the remote control.
  • Press the AV key on the remote control to choose the pc as the input


  • Turn the machine on and log in using your PHAR network account
  • To use the TV with another sorce use the VGA lead provided and press the key in the switch to the B position.
  • Please make sure the TV is off before and after you connect/disconnect something to it
  • A wireless presenter (with laser pointer) is supplied for use with the computer. Please contact if the batteries are flat.

Please turn off all equipment when you have finished with it