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Card Access


The Department uses the contactless chip (cc) Mifare card system that supports the current University Card format. The Card Representative for the Department of Pharmacology is Mr Abbi Abbioui and Dr Antonio Ciruela, they acts as the liaison between the Department and University Card Services who issue cards. If your card is lost or stolen you must report it immediately, send an email to stating 'lost university card' in the subject field.

Departmental members (Academic staff, Postdocs, PhD students and Assistant staff) are given access to all doors, 24 hours.

Undergraduate Part II students have access to all doors, 24 hours, except the Animal Unit, Stores door and the QuietRoom.

During term time the front door is unlocked between 08:40 and 17:00 and the Library is unlocked between 13:30 and 16:00


The following doors are configured on the card access system:

  • Front Door (Level 1)
  • Back Door (Level 1)
  • Stores Door (Level 1)
  • Animal Unit (Level 2)
  • Library (Level 3)
  • Link to Institute of Biotechnology (Level 3)
  • QuietRoom (Level 4)

Doors are controlled by hardware and a software system supplied by Chubb called Monitor. User card details are held in a database which is uploaded to a central NetController that operates the doors. In the event of a system failure doors will only operate for the 10 users designated as 'fallback users'. These people are:

  • Mr Abbi Abbioui
  • Mr Barney Leeke
  • Dr Antonio Ciruela
  • Mr Paul Coulson
  • Dr Mike Edwardson

Card Services

University cards are supplied to any member of the University free of charge by Card Services. Card Services can be found on this map