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Pharm Ds-Print


All users: Please consult with your supervisor before using the Departmental printers and seek her/his permission before printing. It is NOT possible to print to your lab printer from your laptop using Eduroam (In order to do that you need to use the department Phar DS-Print).

Mac users: You need to install the Phar DS-Print manually by following the 3 stages as described in details below. Make sure to download & install the right printer drivers for your IOS.


The department doesn't make any profit from this service and even it subsidize the cost of papers. Usually up to now we charge less than the listed prices (See end of this page i.e we may charge 2p instead of 4p depending on cost recovery) depending on what we have spent during the year. The cost of printers’ toners and other consumables i.e. Drum, Fuser units...etc change from year to another, hence our charges may vary (up or down) from year to another in order to recover this cost.

MS Windows users:

The Phar_FindMe print queue and Print Client will be installed automatically when you login to Phar domain. If you are using your laptop (Eduroam) you'll have to install the both the print queue and client using the DS-Print application.

  1. Download the DS-Print app by clicking here
  2. Run the DS-Print app as administrator or user with admin privileges
  3. Select "Phar" from the list and make sure you tick both check boxes

When you print you have the option of entering your Raven password every time or save it. Please see the end of this page how to install DS-Print on you laptop under this heading: "Manual installation of DS-Print service on Windows workstations:"


Apple Mac users:

Stage 1: Install Print Driver:

Download and install the driver for that printer before continuing to the next step, which is to configure a print queue. The print driver to be used with the Pharmacology printers is: Konica bizhub_C3851_109.pkg and the The latest IOS 10.12 driver can be downloaded from here. Other iOS version can be obtained directly from  Konica website by selecting the right operating system or the department shared folder under "Konica-for-mac" folder (There are drivers for different IOS versions).

**** Make sure to download & install the right derivers for your IOS.

1- Run the printer driver package and follow the instructions by clicking "Continue

mac install c308 driver

2- Provide the admin password of your Mac

mac printdriver installer pass

3- Close the window when driver installed successfully

mac installer close


Stage 2: Configure Phar_FindMe print queue


1. From "System Preferences" choose "Print & Scan". If required click the locked padlock and authenticate.

2. Click + to add a printer.

mac add printer

3. Click on the 'Advanced' icon. Set the Type drop down to "Windows printer via spoolerss".

mac advanced print
Tip - If the Advanced tab is not shown in the toolbar then right click in the toolbar, choose "Customise Toolbar" then drag the Advanced icon into the toolbar.

4. Set the URL to smb://
Example: smb://

mac advanced print

5. Set Name field identical to the print queue name, don't use any spaces.
Example: Phar_FindMe.

6. Select "Select Printer Software..." from the "Print Using" drop down. Choose the correct driver from the list. Using the search box makes it easier to find a specific driver from the long list. Type Konica, select Konica C308 PS and click OK

mac printer software

7- Another window may pop-up regarding the printer setup. Keep the default settings as show and click OK

mac settingup

8- Now you should see all correct options in the following image click "Add":

mac advanced full


Stage 3: Install DS-Print Print Client (PaperCut) application:

Installing the PaperCut client is highly recommended. It will give you feedback about jobs printed or rejected.

1. Download the client from here
2. Open the download then copy "PCClient" to your Applications directory and then run it.
3. Optionally, for convenience you could drag the PCClient application to the Dock from Applications for quick access. Once added to the Dock, setting the PCClient application to "Open at Login" will ensure the application is always running.

The PaperCut (PCClient) application must be running to receive feedback.



DS-Print service manual installation on windows workstation

These instructions were created with Microsoft Windows 10 and Google Chrome, some steps may look different, however, the principles are the same.

1. Download DS-Print utility by clicking here

2. Open the download


3. Before DS-Print utility will run select 'More info' then 'Run anyway'


4. DS-Print utility is now running: scroll down and select Phar  and make sure to tick the "Install" & "Add" boxes and then Select 'Make changes' to action these changes, the utility will first check to see if the PaperCut client is installed, and will install it in the background if not present. DS-Print utility then automatically installs/removes the selected printers.


5. Using the DS-Print Set-up Utility

The DS-Print utility will display a listing of all your local printers, and others in the system. There will be a tick against printers you already have installed, if any. Remove ticks from printers you want to remove and add ticks to printers you require.

A detailed list of available printers can be accessed from here. Some of these printers you may not be authorized to use.

6. During installation you maybe prompted to install a print driver, select 'OK' to install driver

7. Select 'OK' when DS-Print Set-up utility has finished

changes made successfully

8. DS-Print Set-up utility can now be closed

9. When you print for the first time you will be prompted for your 'Desktop Services' / 'Information Services' user ID and password by the PaperCut client. You can also select the amount of time you want your credentials to be remembered for. We recommend ‘Unit I Logout’ selected by default.


To Print

1. Print your document using the usual method from within the document's application. You will be prompted for authentication, enter your Desktop Services (also known as MCS or CRSid) username and password or UIS credentials as shown below.

2. Optionally, tick "Remember this password in my keychain" - On windows you'll get 2 options:"Till I logout" or "Always"
3. Your document will print if successfully submitted and feedback will be provided. FindMe printers require submitted print job(s) to be released at the MFD before printing.

Konica Bizhub C3351

Precautions on using the Touch Panel

This machine features a capacitance-base touch panel. Note the following points when operating the Touch Panel:
  • Use your finger or a Stylus Pen available commercially.
  • Note that the Touch Panel will not respond appropriately if you operate it using your nail or a pen tip instead of your finger.
  • Applying a strong force to the Touch Panel will damages the Touch Panel , and potentially cause a breakage.
When you login using your University card (or enter your CRSid & Raven password) you'll be presented with a list of jobs, or your balance screen/Account Confirmation, "Release" your job/s by selecting Print or Print All or delete as appropriate, Click Device functions or press the Menu button on the right to get this main menu:




To scan a document, select "Scan" on the screen, select the destination: email and then click the Start button:you have so many options to select such as paper size and type of output format PDF or JPEG:

Scan steps:

  • Load the original using the paper feeder or on the glass.
  • Tap [Scan].
  • Specify the destination i.e. email.
  • Configure Scan option settings as necessary i.e. output type PDF or JPEG
  • Press the Start key.

To copy document/s select Copy and then press the Start button.


Phar Printing Service printers charges:


Queue NameTypeLocationDescriptionCost
Phar_FindMe virtual queue
A4 4p per sheet of paper
A3 6p per sheet of paper
A4 10p per sheet of paper
A3 25p per sheet of paper
printer Admin Only konica232 C3351
printer Quiet room konica233 C3351
printer Level 4 konica234 C3351
printer Level 3 konica235 C3351
printer Level 2 konica236 C3351


Level3 corridor konica231 C308
scanner/copier Admin Only konica232 C3351
US LETTER 4p per sheet of paper
A6 4p per sheet of paper
A5 4p per sheet of paper
A4 4p per sheet of paper
A3 6p per sheet of paper
US LETTER 10p per sheet of paper
A6 10p per sheet of paper
A5 10p per sheet of paper
A4 10p per sheet of paper
A3 25p per sheet of paper
1p per page scanned
scanner/copier Quiet room konica233  C3351
scanner/copier Level 4 konica234  C3351
scanner/copier Level 3 konica235 C3351
scanner/copier Level 2 konica236 C3351
scanner/copier Level3 Corridor

konica231 C308

Printing in Black & White
The printing system (PaperCut) analyses each submitted print job and charges accordingly to configuration. Some print drivers create print jobs that appear to be black & white but contain colour information. This causes PaperCut to detect the job as colour. To prevent this you can configure a job to be black & white (also known as greyscale) in the Print dialogue box. The setting location varies from print driver to print driver. You may need to click the "Show Details" button first to display all available options.