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Exchange Online email and calendaring

Exchange Online email and calendaring is now available to University students, and staff covered under the University’s EES agreement.

EOL integration with the Microsoft Office suite i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint...etc and your 1TB OneDrive for Business filestore. You may want to set your browser homepage to for your Mail only or for all Office suite.

Exchange Online migration documentation:

As part of the wider programme to make Exchange Online available to all users who may wish to adopt it, UIS has opened up its Hermes Migration tool to allow existing Hermes users to self-migrate their personal @cam email accounts to Exchange Online, should they choose to do so.

Who can migrate?

There are some edge cases not described above, so please see the full eligibility details:

Why might you want to migrate from Hermes to Exchange Online?

Exchange Online delivers the following:

• 50GB mailbox storage and You can send emails up to 100MB in size

• You can use Outlook Web Access (OWA) client

• Integration with Exchange Calendar and Integration with the Microsoft Office suite and your 1TB OneDrive for Business filestore

• Group calendars to help teams work together

Could you start the following steps to migrate your Hermes mail to Exchange Online:
Please follow these steps and don't rush it (May be it would be good idea first to do some house-keeping on your Hermes by deleting all emails you don't need from folders such as Trash, Spam, Junk, deleted items and unused folders) and ensure that ALL folders that you want to migrate are under your Hermes account.

1- Sync your password (If you haven't already done this before) and use the same one (DO NOT change it)
Go to the UIS Password Management app at:
When this is must wait few hours (2 to 3 hrs) before moving to step 2.
2- Navigate to the Hermes Migration web page at:
Login and Fill in your Hermes Username (CRSid) and your Hermes Password (i.e. your UIS Password), (Don't fill in the other options.) and click the Queue migration button. 
3- Wait few minutes and then, Click Logout.
You will receive an email when the first stage has completed.
4- When you receive the email confirming the first stage has completed, return to the Hermes Migration web page and log in:

Hermes Username (CRSid) and your Hermes Password (i.e. your UIS Password), and click the Queue migration button, to start the process for the second stage.

5- Wait few minutes and then, Click Logout.
You will receive an email after few hours confirming the second stage is complete. Somehow, the second email ends up in your new Outlook inbox and not hermes. If not login again to and see if the message complete is displayed. Then just login to

Start using your Exchange Online mailbox now. All your emails will be listed under a folder called "Hermes" as well as new folder with your name which is your new Outlook mail folder.
Use the Outlook Web Access (OWA) client by logging in to your Microsoft – University of Cambridge account ( at
Then select "Mail" from the listed MS Office applications. Or go directly to you Outlook Online Mail
For Full details documentation on EOL


Before you begin…

• Please consult your College or Institution’s support policy and advice before migrating

• This option is only for people's personal Hermes accounts, not shared mailboxes.

• Exchange Online is known to impose certain operational limitations on connections that use the IMAP interface which Microsoft will not address. Consequently, Alpine and unaugmented Thunderbird clients (in particular) should not be used to connect to this service because there is a risk of mail loss when this protocol is used (with these or any mail client).

• Users who need to be able to securely exchange OpenPGP-protected email should not migrate to the service, as Exchange Online is known sometimes to corrupt such messages.

• Mailing lists whose recipients resolve to @cam addresses will not need to be changed.

• Shared mailboxes and migrations from Exchange On Premise must be handled as part of a scheduled institutional migration plan.

• Migration back to Hermes is technically possible, however it is not being made generally available for self-service users. Requests to reverse the process will be handled on a case-by-case basis by UIS.

  1. Check the FAQs and decide whether you want to migrate: Exchange Online FAQs: FAQs for Hermes users:

  2. Check your eligibility:

  3. College members: check your College's Exchange Online support and advice:

  4. Check whether your UIS Password has been synced:

How to self-migrate your Hermes email to Exchange Online:

You can migrate your personal Hermes mailbox yourself, using the online Hermes Migration Tool. It is a two-step process that ensures you won’t lose access to your email at any time during the migration.

  1. Follow the Hermes Migration instructions:

  2. Once you have migrated your mailbox, you can start using Outlook (get Office 365:, or set up another email client:

- Set-up Wizards:

- Email client settings:

Help and support:

• Exchange Online migration documentation:

• Troubleshooting tips:

• Microsoft training videos:

• Microsoft online support:

Personal support is also available from the UIS:

Service Desk

Tel: (7) 62999