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Pharmacology Website
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Introduction is the Department of Pharmacology web server, run by Mr A.Abbioui (Webmaster), the content is maitained by the Web Technician Dr Antonio Ciruela. All comments can be sent to The server uses Apache web server software, the website has been tested with Internet Explorer 9 & 10, FireFox 22 and Safari 5.1.7.

Updating the Website

To update your webpages email the content, and images if applicable, to the webmaster stating the webpage to be updated in the subject field of the message.


  • Content: should be supplied in electronic Word format (.doc) so you can highlight any required formatting, such as boldness of text.
  • Images: should be supplied in the following file types, .jpg or .gif.
    If you would like to include an image of your research group we would be happy to shoot a photograph.

Major updates, i.e. entire content of research pages, should be preferable done out of term time.

Pharmacology Camtools Sites

The material and resources for Department of Pharmacology Teaching and Courses are hosted by CamTools, an on-line service provided by the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (CARET). The camtools sites available are:

  • Phar BBS & NST: II
  • Phar MVST: IB MODA
  • Phar NST: IB
  • Phar Demonstrators  For Demonstrators only
  • Phar Supervisors  For Supervisors only
  • Phar Teaching Comm  For Teaching Committee only

CamToolsprovides an access-protected online document store with facilities for group communication including discussion boards, announcements, and email list with archive and tools for collaboratively constructing documents (wikis).


Students are automatically be registered to the CamTools course they are studying. If you are not please contact either Dr Lesley MacVinish or your course organiser:

Login to CamTools

Pharmacology Lapwing

Lapwing Wireless Internet is now available throughout most (ish) of the Pharmacology Department.The primary HotSpots are indicated with WiFi signs. Note that the Lapwing IS NOT a substitute or a replacement to the department/college wired network, is a convenient way for students and visitors to access emails and journals using their laptops

Lapwing HotSpots can be found in this communal areas: Team Room which cover: Quiet Room - Seminar and Meeting rooms, Library, Lecture Theatre and the Teaching Lab.Coverage may extend outside these areas but cannot be strong or guaranteed.

If you have a laptop that is WiFi enabled and you have a "Raven" account or have been given a Lapwing "Ticket-ID" and password you should be able to take advantage of this new service.

Further information may be found at The University's 'Lapwing page'.

When using Lapwing at the Pharmacology you are connected to the Internet and your computer and the data on it may be at risk. Please make sure of the following things for your own security:

  • Keep your raven password secure and DO NOT write it down or give it to anyone.
  • Your operating system and windows defender is up to date (i.e. all the latest updates and patches are installed).
  • Your virus scanner is up to date. Students and staff of Cambridge University are entitled to a free copy of McAfee Virus Scan. More information can be found on our viruses page.
  • Download & Install one free Spyware: google for Spybot or Lavasoft Ad-Aware se
  • Your laptop has a secure password. More information on creating a secure password can be found on our passwords page.

How to connect to Lapwing WiFi at the Pharmacology Department

  1. Load a web browser (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer) in a WiFi enabled area.
  2. If your browser's "home page" connects to the internet then you should be presented with a page that asks you to continue.
  3. You will then be prompted to enter your Raven account details or Lapwing "Ticket-ID" and Password.
  4. Once you have logged in click "Continue". Your chosen website will now appear in a new window.
  5. You must leave open the "keep alive" window that you used to login to Lapwing. Closing it will terminate your WiFi connection. It is, however, alright to minimise this window.
  6. Once you have connected to Lapwing in this manner you may browse the internet as normal. You can also perform many of the other tasks that you are used to with a standard wired internet connection. Some tasks are restricted for security reasons; details can be found on the Computing Service's Lapwing page.

How to connect to Lapwing WiFi using a PDA

  1. Internet explorer for mobile devices runing Windows Mobile 4.2 does not support multiple tabs or windows and thus will not work with Lapwing
  2. Minimo (mobile FireFox) does! Check out

For further help and advice please see the Starting up a Lapwing connection web page.

VPDN (Virtual Private Dialup Network service)

To use the University VPDN (Virtual Private Dial-up Network) service you need to complete a paper form which you can download (PDF) have it authorised by CO and send it to the University Computing Service via the UMS. Depending on the operating system (OS) of your client machine, you may need additional software to use the VPDN. If this is the case, you need to complete a further software license agreement form which can be downloaded as a PDF; this must accompany your application.

More information about the VPDN can be found at the following location: University Computing Service VPDN Service Information.

CamCORS (Cambridge Colleges' Online Reporting system for Supervisions)

If you need to use CamCORS, you will need to fill in the UCS application form

Online registration and more information about CamCORS can be found at the following location: Applying to use CamCORS.

Quota Increases on UCS Systems

You can apply for an increase in your quota on Hermes or the PWF online.

Password Resets/Forgotten Passwords

Password resets for Email (Hermes), Raven and PWF accounts

Account Cancellations and Extensions (beyond your finishing date)

We will usually arrange for your accounts (Email, PWF, Raven, etc.) to be cancelled one month after you leave. If you would like the cancellation of accounts to be delayed/extended then please contact the Computer Officers with the following information:

  • the reason for the extension (work related, please)
  • your desired cancellation date
  • please also arrange for a confirmation (e.g. email) from your supervisor

Additional information about Cancellation of computing accounts of staff and students who have completed their studies at Cambridge.