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Department Network and Server

The core of the Pharmacology Information Technology (IT) network consists of Cisco Systems Catalyst 2900 XL series managed switches and fibre optic switches. There are three riser cupboards and one Server Room in the building containing networking equipment and one external room called the BT Room. A fibre optic backbone links the network equipment in a rack in the riser on level 3 to equipment in a rack in the server room as well as to equipment in racks in the risers on level 1 and 4. The fibre optic cable is 12-core 62.5 /125 microns terminated with SC type connectors attached to fibre patch panels mounted in the racks.

Figure 1: Pharmacology Network Topology

BT Room

The BT Room is the Departments network link to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) otherwise known as '.cam' domain. This domain is part of the Joint Academic Network (JANET), as known as '.ac' domain. JANET provides the connection to the Internet (www).

Server Room

The Server Room houses the Departmental Servers, Firewall and central point of presence for the network, which is a fibre optic connection to the BT Room via a Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch. The Server Room has a fibre optic connection to an HP switch in the level 3 riser rack, it is this link that enables the entire network infrastructure. The Server Room is air conditioned to maintain a safe operating temperature for the equipment it houses, the room is strickly off limits to everyone except the Computer Officer. The Departmental Servers and Firewall are listed in the tables below.


Server Name:Role:Hardware:
handel Primary Domain Controller (PDC) PowerEdge blade M600
Pharm Print and File Server Dell MD3000

Firewall Equipment:

Server Name:Role:Hardware:
fw1 Master Firewall Firerack
fw2 Slave Firewall Firerack
fwmgmt Firewall Management Server Firerack

RisersFigure 2: Level 3 Switches


Name:IP Address:Location:
swc01 Level 3 Riser
swc02 Level 3 Riser
swc03 Level 3 Riser
swc04 Level 3 Riser
swc05 Level 3 Riser
swc06 Level 3 Riser
swc07 Level 3 Riser
swc08 Level 3 Riser
swc09 Level 1 Riser
swc10 Level 1 Riser
swc11 Level 4 Riser
swc12 Level 4 Riser
swh1 Server Room
swh2 Level 3 Riser
swh3 Level 4 Riser
swh4 Level 3 Riser
swh5 Level 1 Riser
swh6 Level 3 Riser
Point of Presence Server Room