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Harware & Software Purchasing

Personal machines are not supported, if you have a problem with your home or a family members machine DO NOT bring it to the Department. Contact Hardware Support, they may be able to assist you.

The University Central Purchasing Office has a list of preferred suppliers. This includes non-IT related products.


The lots for 2012 - 2013 agreement have been awarded to Dell for  PCs and to Getech Education  for Laptops and Oki for Laser Printers, who will be supplying these to the University via their distribution partner F1 Help. Details of the purchasing process that has been followed; the rationale behind the decisions that have been made and a copy of the tender documents for these contracts can be found here.

A selection of PCs, including laptops, can still be purchased from Dell at previously agreed deals with the University. The machines can be configured to a range of specifications. If you would like a quote please email stating your requirements (CPU, RAM, Hard disk capacity). Please note that machines can also be purchased for personal use.


To purchase any Apple Mac hardware or software vist the Apple Store


Insight are used for the supply of: PC components, memory, processors, input devices, digital cameras, crt monitors, tft screens, storage devices, network products, cables, PDAs, tablet pcs, peripherals, pc accessories, pc security and other IT related products. Insight supply products to the University at educational prices, you can search the Insight Website for products. You will need to login in order to see preferencial prices. The account details are:

  • username:
  • password: insight999


In order to access HP's dedicated Cambridge website use the following credentials to login:

  • userid:
  • password: HP4cam2011


Please note that Personal Purchase will be possible under this agreement.


In order to access Dell's dedicated Cambridge website use the following credentials to login:

  • email:
  • personal password: Dell4cam2007

PC and Laptop Maintenance

All users of the HP agreement should note that unlike in previous years the warranty and maintenance of the products purchased will be managed by HP and not the Computing Service's Hardware Support Team . Details of the procedures and the contract details that you will need can be found on the HP/Cambridge web-site.

Those Departments and Institutions who have purchased Dell PC's from the previous two agreements can continue to contact the UCS Hardware Support Team for support for the remaining of their 3 years warranty period. UCS Hardware Support have also negotiated with Dell that they will continue to support all new Dell PC purchases even after the current agreement with Dell expires.


The contract for the provision of LaserJet Printers for 2006-07 has been awarded to Oki Printing Solutions who will be delivering their products to the University via their distribution partner F1 Help. In order to access F1 Help's dedicated Oki for Cambridge website use the following credentials to login:

  • username:
  • password: oki4cam

As with the PC and Laptop Agreement, only orders accompanied by an official University Purchase Order Number will be able to be placed via this site and these orders will only be processed by the supplier once they have received a copy of the order, which should be faxed to Steven Anderson on 01522 508085

Should anyone experience any difficulties with using this site or have any other queries with regards the supply of printers under this agreement the contact details for the F1 Help Account Contact can be found below, along with the details of our Account Contact with Oki Printing Solutions, should any member of the University wish to contact the Printer manufacturer directly.

F1 Help Contact Details

  • Steven Anderson, Corporate Sales Manager
    Tel - 01522 508080
    E-mail -

Oki Printing Solutions Contact Details

  • Joe Di Fede, Corporate Account Manager - Public Sector
    Tel - 01753 819819
    E-mail -

Personal Purchases may be made using the terms of this agreement. Members of the University wishing to take advantage of these arrangements should contact F1 Help on the details provided.

Procedure for new Hardware

New PCs should be ordered through the proper channels using the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) and National Agreements with HP or Dell. The Central Purchasing Office IT Purchasing Group has been formed to promote best practice and best value for money in the procurement and maintenance of Information Technology (IT) related products across the University.

New machines MUST be configured by Pharmacology IT support before being connected to the PHAR network, this is necesary because the machine will need:

  • specific network configuration
  • to be registered with the department firewall and University Computing Services administative database (Jackdaw)
  • Operating System updates
  • system image backups


University Computing Services is the first stop for software acquisition. They provide software on both Windows and Macintosh platform from the following companies:

  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • Macromedia
  • Endnote
  • FileMaker
  • SigmaPlot
  • SPSS

You can browse and order software they provide on their online catalogue and ordering system.

If you cannot find what you require from Computing Services offer a range of software at educational prices.