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Department Services Status Monitor


  • Handel (Primary Domain Controller) UP
  • Pharm (File server) UP (There is a daily scheduler restart of this server due to a faulty logic board: 7:30 am, 1:00 pm & 9:00 pm - Always work offline on any of your files, once you finish, then save them into your data storage space)
  • Opera (Print server) UP
  • Pargamon (Netboot Server and AD Link) UP


  • hpaccounts UP
  • hpcolour2 UP
  • hpcorridor UP
  • hplevel3 UP
  • hplevel4 UP
  • hppartii UP
  • hpquietroom UP
  • hpsecretary UP
  • hpteachlab UP
  • hpLevel2 UP

Department Network UP

Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) UP

Department VoIP phones UP

Card Access System UP

The Department CO run daily maintenance schedules on many of the department services before 8am and after 6pm - If you have problems accessing any of the department services during these times this could be the reason. Most of these maintenance will take less than an hour


Computer Staff

Computer Officer

Mr Abdeltatah Abbioui
Tel: 34013

IT Systems Administrator

Dr Antonio Ciruela
Tel: 31735

For general enquiries email

For web content enquiries email

For email enquiries email