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VoIP Phones

The Department now is using the new phone system: VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). The new sytem have so many features such as: Caller ID, usefull Viocemail, Missed calls, History... and this year so many other features will be introduced e.g: Personal Directory which will allow you to store up to 32 contacts.

There are three types of new phones:

Cisco IP Phone 7911: Single line basic bottom of the range IPT phone, has speaker but no microphone so not suitable for conference calls: See Tutorial or read Manual

Cisco IP Phone 7941: Two line IPT phone with speaker and microphone suitable for conference calls up to 6: See Tutorial or read Manual

Cisco IP Phone 7961: Six line top of the range IPT phone, with speaker and microphone suitable for conference calls: See Tutorial or read Manual

If you have the Cisco IP 7941 or 7961 phone and you want to use a headset, you need to order that directly from the Telecommunication Officee. There are two types of headphones:

*Plantronics Supraplus Mono Headset £45.00 + vat Bottom Cable (this is needed for connection to VoIP phone)£8.99 + vat (they keep some of these in stock)

*Plantronics SupraPlus Bin w/Voice Tube (double ear headset) £64.00 + vat Bottom Cable £8.99 + vat (We do not keep these in stock so there would be a delivery charge of £5.99 + vat)

Voicemail System

All UTOs and Staff have a Voicemail already setup for them (Not Communal rooms and labs)- Change your password when you login to your Voicemail box or use your handset.

The voicemail system is protected by Raven. Every member of the University of Cambridge is entitled to a Raven account - if you have forgotten your password, you can request an update via email if you have a Hermes email account, or otherwise a paper form is available via the same link.

Click here to access your voicemails via the web
(you can right-click and open this link in new Tab/Window :

For phone access to the voicemail system dial 47474 - The default PIN for voicemail access is "1234"
or from outside dial 01223 747474

So messages on the University of Cambridge voicemail system are accessible via:

  1. Messages button: press Massages button on your phone
  2. A telephone: 47474 or external +44 (0)1223 747474.
  3. Email: if you set an email address via the web link below, your voicemails will arrive in that email inbox.
  4. A web browser: bookmark this link

    For more details on Voicemail click here

    Further details of the new phone system can be found on the Telecommunications Office webpage. If you would like to order a new connection or find out what handsets are available or have any problem with phones email