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Katy the International Ice Dance Judge

last modified Aug 04, 2015 03:20 PM
One of our graduate students Ekaterina Zabolotnaya (Katy) has become an international judge for ice dancing...

One of our graduate students Ekaterina Zabolotnaya (Katy) has become an international judge for ice dancing. When Katy was 6 she started figure skating and competed for the German Skating Union at international competitions (including the World Junior Championship in Bulgaria in 2008). About 6 years ago Katy stopped her career and decided to study pharmacy. Since figure skating had been part of her life for 13 years, she wanted to remain involved and that is why she decided to apply to become an ice dance judge. To become a judge she first had to pass both written and practical exams – including knowing all important ice dance rules released and adjusted by the International Skating Union (ISU). Initially Katy qualified at state level, but was soon promoted to the German National judge status and thus had the privilege to judge at German National Figure Skating Competitions. This year the German Skating Federation sent Katy to Frankfurt to learn about becoming an International Judge. Katy passed all her exams and is now qualified to work at competitions all over the world - and most importantly in the UK! Despite being a scientist Katy appreciated the opportunities to break out into world of art and enjoy the beauty of music and dance.

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