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Lab Photos


A lab outing at Charlie Chan’s to celebrate the Year of the Horse
L-R: Floyd Austin, Sha Liao (廖莎), Dorothy Fan (司徒馥), Yan Bai (白燕), Ranjoo Choi, Laverne Foster, Tai-Ping Fan (樊台平), Fuwen Zhang (张富文)
A better photo for Laverne!
Learning FACS from the master Nigel Miller (Flow Cytometry Facility, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge)
Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorting (FACS) - a powerful tool enabling us to understand the mechanisms of action of natural products on cell cycle and more
Fan Lab Members


Names (L to R): Stefan Koya, Lilly Nordahl, Tai-Ping Fan and Scott Runyon.


With our favourite tea lady Laverne.


Names (L to R): Lilly Nordahl, Stefan Koya, Sean Walsh, David Burnside.


My first class team (L to R): Stefan Koya (Part II, 2011/2012), Lilly Nordahl (MPhil, 2011/2012), me, Sean Walsh (Part II, 2012/2013), Scott Runyon (MPhil, 2012/2013) and David Burnside (Part II, 2012/2013).