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 As Secretary-General/President-Elect of GP-TCM Research Association (, he has been commissioned by Science to edit a 4-part Special Supplement on Traditional Medicine entitled “The Art and Science of Traditional Medicine” in 2014/2015. This unique collection of perspectives will focus on recent advances in the standardisation, safety, R&D and regulation of materia medica used in traditional medicine from different ethnic origins. 

Part 1: TCM Today - A Case for Integration

Part 2: Multidisciplinary Approaches for Studying Traditional Medicine

Part 3: The Global Impact of Traditional Medicine

In July 2015, he presented a talk “Health and Healing Through Evidence-based Applications of Traditional Medicine” at United Nations Headquarters in New York, in a United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) conference entitled START, Skills and Technology Accelerating Rapid Transformation. 

The entire proceedings of the two parts of the conference can be found on the following video links

Part 1 (2h 56min 43sec)

Part 2 (2h 20min 38sec)


Shorter versions of his speech and Q&A: