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Plagiarism and TURNITIN

In general, plagiarism can be defined as: the unacknowledged use of the work of others as if this were your own original work.

In the context of an examination, this amounts to: passing off the work of others as your own to gain unfair advantage.

A copy of the Faculty of Biology’s statement on plagiarism can be found here:

and the University’s statement here:

and is also covered extensively in the Part II/BBS handbook:

Partii handbook

Such use of unfair means will not be tolerated by the University; if detected, the penalty may be severe and may lead to failure to obtain your degree.

Note that the use of essays purchased from any source or copied from other students is unacceptable regardless of whether the source is acknowledged.

Information for BBS students only


The Teaching Committee of the Department of Pharmacology has agreed the following procedure agreed by the Biological Sciences Committee of the NST will be applied to submitted work by BBS students.

If, during marking by an examiner, plagiarism is suspected in a piece of submitted work, the work will be marked as normal and then turned over to the Senior Examiner. The electronic version will then be passed on to the Scrutiny Officer within the Department/course for checking with Turnitin. If analysis by Turnitin supports initial suspicions of plagiarism, the Chair of Examiners will be informed, who will proceed as per advice given at:

To facilitate use of Turnitin all BBS students will be asked to sign a form that gives permission for their dissertations to be submitted to the Turnitin system should the examiners require this. This form will be distributed by the Faculty during Michaelmas term and you will be asked to sign and return it for our files. A copy of the form can be found here Consent form for the use of Turnitin UK text-matching software.

Important. It is VITAL that you read the full document regarding plagiarism and TURNITIN by clicking on this link:

Plagiarism doc partii (pdf)