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About the Department


With 21 independent research groups, including many research workers, research students and technical and support staff, we are one of the larger departments of Pharmacology in the United Kingdom. The Department is housed in central Cambridge, where it enjoys close proximity to other biological sciences departments, to excellent library facilities and to the attractive city centre. The overarching theme of research in the Department is to discover the fundamental mechanisms that underlie important problems in Pharmacology. Major research areas of the Department include cellular neuroscience, systems neuroscience, cell signalling, biomolecular imaging using atomic force microscopy, vascular biology, and pharmacological intervention in cancer and infectious diseases. Research interests are described in detail on the individual staff research pages.

Our main teaching commitments are to undergraduate students studying Natural Science, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and we teach in the broad areas of Pharmacology and Neuroscience. All academic staff share a commitment to top-quality teaching which emphasises general principles and integrates into it the latest findings of modern research. The Department received the top rating of 24/24 in a recent external Teaching Quality Assessment.

The department has good facilities for students with disabilities. The department is accessible throughout, and the lecture theatre has electrically operated adjustable platforms for wheelchairs.