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Department of Pharmacology


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Professor David Bulmer

Visceral pain and gastrointestinal disease

Dr Matthew Harper

Pharmacology of Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Professor Mark Howarth

Innovating Protein Technologies for Therapeutic and Vaccine Design

Professor Laura Itzhaki

Tandem-repeat proteins: Folding, function, role in disease and therapeutic intervention

Professor Walid Khaled

Epithelial Tumour Biology

Dr Janet Kumita

Protein Self-Assembly: Linking Biomolecular Condensates and Amyloid with Biological Function and Disease

Cell Signalling Group 

Professor Graham Ladds

Multi-disciplinary approach to investigate the molecular basis of G protein signalling

Dr Catherine Lindon

Ubiquitin-mediated signalling in cell division

Dr Ioanna Mela

DNA Nanostructure Development and Aptamer Selection

Dr Paul Miller

Ion channel modulation and antibody/toxin modulator development

Dr Taufiq Rahman

Structure, function and chemico-biological regulation of ion channels

Prof. Ewan St. John Smith

Sensory neurophysiology and pain

Dr Maria Marti Solano

Computational pharmacology and structural bioinformatics

Professor Hendrik W. van Veen

Mechanisms and inhibition of multidrug transporters

Professor Anne E. Willis

Post-transcriptional Control of Gene Expression following toxic injury

Dr Catherine Wilson 

Myc and cardiomyocyte proliferation