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Department of Pharmacology


Departmental Address

Department of Pharmacology 
University of Cambridge 
Tennis Court Road 
CB2 1PD 


Tel: +44 (0)1223 334176

Department Inboxes

Name List Contents Email
HR HR Staff Inbox
Reception Reception Inbox
Communications Communications Inbox
Stores Departmental Stores Inbox
Undergraduates For Undergraduate admissions
Postgraduates For Postgraduate admissions
Facilities For Building Facilities

DA Departmental Administrator Inbox
Accounts Accounts and finance Inbox
Purchasing For purchase requests
Research Grants For Research Grants related information
Teaching Lab For the Teaching Lab
Safety Departmental Safety
Lab Support For Lab Support

Key Contacts

Name Role Extension Email
Prof Laura Itzhaki Head of Department 334010
Prof Ewan Smith Deputy Head of Department 334006
Ms Thury Agustsdottir Departmental Administrator 334002
Ms Maria Misovcova Finance & Grants Coordinator 334064
Ms Jenny Baptista HR & Postgraduate Coordinator  334000
Mr Barney Leeke Principal Technician and Safety Officer 334031
Mr Abbi Abbioui Departmental Computing Officer 334013