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Department of Pharmacology



Postgraduate Studies Overview

The Department of Pharmacology admits 15-20 postgraduate (PhD and MPhil) students per year and offers comprehensive facilities for research in purpose-built laboratories situated near the other biological departments in the centre of Cambridge.

Research Studentships to study for the PhD degree are awarded on a competitive basis and supported by the research councils, medical research charities, industrial sponsors and by University schemes. In addition to these funding opportunities, the department may also offer studentships, including the David James Studentship.

The research areas of the department include:

  • Investigating mediators and mechanisms of visceral pain in gastrointestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) (Bulmer lab)
  • Innovating Protein Technologies for Therapeutic and Vaccine Design (Howarth lab)
  • Molecular and pharmacological regulation of platelets and coagulation in thrombosis and haemostasis (Harper lab)
  • Protein engineering and molecular therapeutics to interrogate and target protein-protein interactions; targeted protein degradation (Itzhaki lab)
  • Understanding epithelial cancer initiation at the single cell resolution (Khaled lab)
  • The molecular basis of agonist bias at GPCRs, including adenosine receptors, class B peptide receptors and olfactory receptors (Ladds lab)
  • Ubiquitin pathways and targeted protein degradation (Lindon lab)
  • Antibody pharmacological tool development and CNS delivery (Miller lab)
  • Ion channel structure and function; computer-aided drug design and discovery (Rahman lab)
  • The molecular basis of pain and extremophile biology of the naked mole-rat (Smith lab)
  • Antimicrobial and anticancer drug resistance (Van Veen lab)
  • Regenerative medicine (Wilson lab)


Information for Prospective Postgraduate Students

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Please also take note of our Code of Practice for Research Students.


Contact the Postgraduate Admission Office


Telephone: (+44)1223 334000