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Department of Pharmacology


Dr David James Studentship


During his life, Dr James was a well-respected Departmental Administrator. His legacy provides scholarships for the most gifted postgraduates to pursue focused and original research. The David James Studentship has provided full financial support for a number of PhD students within the Department since October 2011.

Via PhD studentships, the David James Fund is supporting the next generation of Cambridge pharmacologists, whose work will be crucial to developing better treatments for diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes and Crohn's disease.

Dr James' legacy also supports the David James Annual Lecture Series.



Awardee Biographies

Roberta Cacioppo

David James PhD Studentship, 2019-2023

I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnologies from the University of Palermo in Italy, during which I studied the role for a long non-coding RNA in regulating TBPH subcellular localization.

I carried out my MSc research in the group of Dr. Rousseau at the MRC PPU in Dundee, where I identified a novel regulator of the selective translation of proteasome assembly chaperones during cellular stress.

I joined the Lindon Lab in 2019 as a David James PhD Student, and I’m currently studying the post-transcriptional regulation of the cell cycle regulator Aurora Kinase A. I am greatly enjoying the scientific and cultural diversity that our Department offers, which has allowed me to widen my technical skillset and work in a stimulating environment.

I like to spend my free time outside the lab socializing, cooking, and travelling.


Rosie Waters

AstraZeneca-David James PhD Studentship, 2017-2021

My PhD, co-funded by David James Studentship and AstraZeneca, was focused on understanding the structure and function of the protein syncollin, and it covered both protein structural studies and physiological assays, including work with bacteria and neutrophils.

What I enjoyed most about my PhD was the variety of experimental techniques, which allowed many opportunities for collaboration and a broader skillset to be acquired.

I am now putting these skills to good use in the in vitro pharmacology group of a neuroscience biotech company.