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Department of Pharmacology


The  Postgraduate & Postdoc Committee consists of a group of postgraduate and postdoctoral members of the Department of Pharmacology who provide a point-of-contact for students and postdocs and the department’s administration. We organise social and academic events to try to meet the needs of our community. We co-ordinate with other departmental committees to organise joint activities or events, and sometimes join forces with the MRC Toxicology postgraduate and postdoctoral committee for double the fun! 
Some of the events we run are: Fridays at Five, where drinks and food are offered every last Friday of the month (ongoing); Tennis on Thursdays in the summer; Coffee & Cake welfare break; joint seminars with MRC Toxicology, and more! 
We will carry on most activity into this new academic year, and we’re planning careers events and academic talks, together with new social events. 
We’d love for new students to join our events and meet other members of the department, and we’re always looking for new and enthusiastic people to come join us! 

The current members for the Post-grad and Post-doc Committee are listed below:
•    Camilla Ascanelli (Wilson lab)
•    Holly Smith (Taylor lab)
•    Ollie King (Miller lab)
•    Alex Cloake (Smith lab)