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Department of Pharmacology



Help us to understand the action of drugs on the body and develop better treatments for disorders such as arthritis, diabetes, Crohn's, cardiovascular disease and cancer

The Department of Pharmacology is at the forefront of research into the effects of drugs and other molecules on biological systems as the first step towards a greater understanding of disease and effective treatment.

The Department is actively seeking support for all aspects of its activities. With a donation, you will be supporting:

  • The purchase of new equipment
  • Research grants and collaborations around the UK and overseas
  • The next generation of Cambridge pharmacologists via postgraduate studentships and undergraduate summer projects
  • Student hardship funds

We will greatly appreciate any donations received, regardless of the size. 

If you would like to discuss how you might contribute to the Department, please contact the Head of Department or the Departmental Administrator, who will be very happy to talk to you confidentially.

How you can help

£500 will make a contribution to enable a researcher to publish their work in the best open-access journals 

£750 will provide support towards the travel costs for a researcher to visit a collaborator's laboratory or attend a conference

£750 will enable a pharmacologist to develop an aspect of their research as an outreach project, for example as part of the Young Pharmas

£1,000 will support a postgraduate student for one month to extend or complete an exceptionally promising piece of research 

£2,000 will support a talented undergraduate student to gain invaluable research experience via a summer project
£5,000 will help a researcher to scope out a new exploratory project, perhaps in association with matched funding, which could then lead to a larger research application to a funder

£20,000 will help towards the purchase of equipment for a new research group in the Department

Donations can be made through the University's CUDAR website here.

Explore more aspects of donating to the Department