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Function of the DPEC

The DPEC provides oversight and guidance for postgraduate students during their time in the Department. It is responsible for decisions concerning postgraduate admissions to the Department, as well as registration of candidates for PhD. It monitors the progress of students via their termly supervision reports and provides support and guidance where needed, in particular with financial or pastoral issues.


Members of the DPEC

The DPEC consists of the Director of Postgraduate Education (Dr Cath Lindon), the Director of Postgraduate Admissions (Dr Taufiq Rahman), the Head of Department (Prof Laura Itzhaki), the Department Administrator (Ms Thury Agustsdottir), the Postgraduate Coordinator (Ms Jen Drumond Baptista), along with a number of UTOs from the Department, currently: Dr Robert Henderson, Dr Walid Khaled and Dr Ioanna Mela.

The members of the DPEC are always available to discuss your progress if you so wish, but your supervisors should be your first port of call.