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Department of Pharmacology



The Department of Pharmacology is at the forefront of research into the effects of drugs and other molecules on biological systems with a view to understanding the mechanisms of the human body.

Research in the Department aims to examine cellular and molecular pathways in living systems as the first step towards a greater understanding of disease and effective treatment.

Research in the Department falls under four major themes: 


Ion channels, receptors and transporters

Research groups:




Mechanisms of drug action

Research groups:





Molecular therapeutics, target discovery and drug development

Research groups:



Pain mechanisms

Research groups:







We are actively involved in the translation of fundamental bioscience into new treatments and diagnostics.

To this end, we are leveraging the outstanding basic research, clinical and commercial environment of the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the greater Cambridge area.

We are also highly invested in Public Outreach, Scientific Communications and Engagement.

The department is also home to the Naked Mole-Rat Initiative.

Research Ethics

The University of Cambridge has four School-level Research Ethics Committees that can review projects involving Human participants and personal data.

Some departments, Faculties and institutes also have their own local Research Ethics Committees or procedures such as The Cambridge Human Biology Research Ethics Committee

The departmental contact in respect of advising in relation to Research Ethics to current and future researchers is  (tel: +44 1223 334032).