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Biomolecular imaging using atomic force microscopy (AFM)


Mike Edwardson

Professor J M Edwardson - Group leader

Head of the Department

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Neurobiology, neurotransmitter receptors, atomic force microscopy, single-molecule imaging

Investigator biography

Mike has spent most of his career in Cambridge. He was an undergraduate and postgraduate student at Trinity College (BA, 1976; PhD 1979). He then worked for a short time as a post-doctoral research associate with Prof. Alan Cuthbert, FRS, before moving in 1980 to a Lectureship at the School of Pharmacy, University of London. He returned to Cambridge in 1984 to a Lectureship. He was subsequently promoted to Reader in 2000 and became Professor of Molecular Pharmacology in 2009. Mike has spent extended periods of research leave at Yale University and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has a wide network of collaborators, within Cambridge, elsewhere in the UK, and in the US, Japan, Brazil and Germany. He is a Fellow and Director of Pre-Clinical Studies at Christ’s College. His research interest is in the imaging of biomolecules using atomic force microscopy. He is currently Head of the Department of Pharmacology.

Lab members

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