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Lab members


Current members

Mr (Erasmus exchange student)

Mr , PhD student

Mr , PhD student

Mr, M.Phil student


Previous members

, Newton Postdoc Fellow

Jenny Blackburn (Part II Pharmacology project student, 2016)

Samson Roy Hedley (Part II Neuroscience project student, 2016)

Mr (M.Phil, 2014-2015)

Ms (Summer Student, 2015)

Ms (Amgen Scholar 2015,from UCL)

Toby McMaster (part II pharmacology project student, 2015)

Babak Hakimian (part II neuroscience project student, 2015)

Ahmad Nisar (part II pharmacology project student, 2014)

David Davis (Part II pharmacology project student, 2013)

Sara Rolle Sonora, (M.Phil, 2013-2014)

Saifur Rahman (visiting student, University of Bremen, Germany)