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Department of Pharmacology


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As a research lab, we are essentially 'small molecule-centric'. We employ various in silico (cheminformatics and structural bioinformatics, molecular dynamics simulation) approaches coupled with prospective, complementary wet experiments (calcium imaging, electrophysiology, biochemical and biophysical assays) to know the molecular mechanisms underlying the ligand recognition, ligand modulation, structural variation, dynamics and evolution of some calcium-permeable ion channels. The latter notably include channels that are activated by some second messengers like IP3 and NAADP as well as by depletion of the internal calcium stores.

We are pursuing rational development of novel chemical probes/modulators of these ion channels. We often explore, computationally and experimentally,  existing drugs to reveal potential off target effects involving these ion channels.  Additionally, we are actively engaged in collaborative research for rational development of novel chemical scaffolds against some protein targets implicated in microbial infections, cancer, pain and diabetes. 

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