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Inositides and cellular function



Professor Robin Irvine - Group leader

Tel: +44 1223 334177/334076
Fax: +44 1223 334100


Cell biology; cell signalling; second messengers; inositol phosphates; inositol lipids; kinases

Lab members

Dr. Jon Clarke - Dr. Simon Bulley-- - Mr. David Ng

The Irvine lab logo
The Irvine lab logo

Why a turtle? Because years ago Bernie Agranoff realised that myo-inositol in its usual conformation in solution (a chair configuration with five hydroxyls equatorial, and the number 2 hydroxyl axial) superficially resembles a turtle. It is easy to avoid any confusion in using the D-numbering now universally employed in the biological literature, simply by remembering that the turtle’s front right flipper is number 1, and his head number 2. The technical term for this is turtle recall....

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