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Cellular and molecular characterization of breast cancer heterogeneity


Dr. Walid khaled

Dr. Walid Khaled -  Group Leader                                                             

Fellow at Magdalene College 


Tel:+44- 01223 334035/334029

Fax: +44 1223 334100

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Cancer biology, Cancer therapeutics, Molecular biology, proteomics, genetic screens, Chip-seq.

Lab members

Research Summary

My primary research interest lies at the interface between basic developmental biology and cancer development. I am particularly interested in the transcriptional control of cell fate in the mammary epithelium and how we can use these unique transcription factors to specifically target the different subtypes of breast cancer. I utilise both candidate and high throughput approaches for the identification and characterization cell fate regulators with the ultimate aim of developing therapeutic methods for use in the clinic.


Dr. Pentao Liu, Sanger Institute

Dr. Jason Carroll, CRUK CI

Prof. Carlos Caldas, CRUK CI

Dr. John Stingl, CRUK CI

Prof. Christine Watson, Pathology Cambridge