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Kyren A Lazarus, Fazal Hadi, Elisabetta Zambon, Karsten Bach, Maria-Francesca Santolla, Julie K Watson, Lucia L Correia, Madhumita Das, Rosemary Ugur, Sara Pensa, Lukas Becker, Lia S Campos, Graham Ladds, Pentao Liu, Gerard Evan, Frank McCaughan, John Le Quesne, Joo-Hyeon Lee, Dinis Calado, Walid T Khaled (2018). BCL11A interacts with SOX2 to control the expression of epigenetic regulators in lung squamous cell carcinomaNature Communications 9, Article number: 3327


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Khaled, WT#, Lee SC et al. (2015) BCL11A is a triple-negative breast cancer gene with critical functions in stem and progenitor cells. Nature Communications doi: 10.1038/ncomms6987 (Highlighted by Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology Telegraph, Daily Mail and CRUK)

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(*Co-first author #Corresponding Author)