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Lab members


Dr Sara Pensa - Postdoctoral Research Associate

Keywords: Crispr screens, Gene targeting, Lineage tracing 

Joined Oct 2014

Kyren L

Dr - Postdoctoral Research Associate

Keywords: Proteomics , TNBC, Lung Cancer 

Joined Feb 2015


Dr. James Thompson - Postdoctoral Research Associate

Keyword: Protein-protein interactions, TNBC

Joined Jan 2018

awaiting  photo

Dr. Mark Waterhouse - Postdoctoral Research Associate

Keyword: Protein-protein interactions, Structural biology, TNBC & LUSC

Joined May 2018


Miss Nicola Tsang - PhD student

Keywords: Proteomics , BCL11A, dCas9

Joined Oct 2014

Miss Elisabetta Zambon - PhD student (Astrazeneca funded)

Keywords: Proteomics , TNBC, dCas9 

Joined Oct 2015

Mr Fazal Hadi - PhD student (Gates Scholar)

Keywords: Naked mole-rat , Crispr screens, NGS Bioinformatics

Joined Oct 2015

Miss Rosemary Ugur - PhD student (NC3Rs funded)

Keywords: Gene targeting, Crispr, Point mutations

Joined Oct 2016


Mr Karsten Bach - PhD student (CCC funded)

Keywords:  scRNAseq

Joined Oct 2016

awaiting  photo

Ms. Flavia Peci- Research Assistant

Keywords: Protein-protein interactions, LUSC

Joined May 2018

awaiting  photo

Ms. Jessica Scheel - PhD student (AZ funded)

Keywords: LUSC & organoids

Joined Oct 2018

awaiting  photo

Ms. Marija Zarocsinceva - MPhil student

Keywords: ATACseq and chromatin structure

Joined Oct 2018



Ms Rebecca Kunz - Erasmus student

Dr Maria Francesca Santolla - Visiting Research Associate

Dr Maya Ghoussaini

Miss  Malgorzata Gawedzka - Research Assistant

Miss  Dorothy Yang -  Medical Student University of Cambridge

Mr Robert Monfries - Part II student

Mr Parth Patel - Part II student

Miss Ânia Rosado - Visiting student

Miss Catarina Simões - Visiting student

Mr Saeed Kayhanian - Medical Student

Mr Ravi Shah - Pharmacology Part II student

Mr Farhaan Khan - Pharmacology Part II student

Mr Waleed Kholosy - Erasmus masters student

Mr Youssef Madbouly - Summer student