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The laboratory is equipped for molecular biology; protein purification (AKTAPrime plus) and expression in bacteria, insect and mammalian cells; immunblotting and gel documentation (Syngene PXi); patch-clamp recording with fluorescence; bilayer and patch-clamp recording (PortaPatch); fluorescence polarization measurements (PHERAStar); high-throughput fluorescence measurements in 96-well plates (FlexStation 3, Corbett robot); use of radiochemicals (including Brandel receptor-binding harvesters).

Our microscopy facilities (Olympus) include single-cell fluorescence imaging, time-lapse recording with environmental cabinet, TIRF microscope with environmental cabinet and flash photolysis equipment, and a spinning-disc confocal microscope equipped to allow TIRF, PALM and flash photolysis of caged compounds. The microscopes are supported by off-line workstations.

Antibodies and plasmids

Please address requests for reagents to Professor Taylor (). When submitting a request, please include the published reference, code/name of the reagent, and its intended use.

Images and movies

This area is presently under development