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Academic Research


Research in the Department covers a broad spectrum of interests, but with a concentration of activity on cell signalling (Irvine, Cooper, Pell, Roderick, Taylor); ion channels and receptors (MacVinish, Murrell-Lagnado, Smith), synapses and exocytosis (Billups, Edwardson); atomic force microscopy of biological macromolecules (Henderson, Edwardson); vascular and autonomic pharmacology (Fan, Hiley); neuropharmacology (Apergis-Schoute, Belin), cancer and therapeutics (Itzhaki, Khaled, Rahman), and antibiotic and anticancer drug resistance (Van Veen).

The research interests of individual members of Academic Staff, Pharmacology Fellows and independent Research Fellows can be found via their individual web pages, along with selected publications.