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Department of Pharmacology


We would like to have more videos for the Department website and to expand the Department’s YouTube channel (

Therefore, we are having a competition for Department members at the Department Away day.

We would like you to generate science-based videos that can be used for these sites and there will be a prize for the best entry (£150) and runner-up (£100).

Videos should be:

• suitable resolution for YouTube

Most smartphones give sufficient resolution and sound quality.

• 1 minute max

• All people appearing in the video should be content for the video to be posted on the Department website and YouTube.

• The lab PI should have given permission for the presentation of any particular science.

• Should not include material under copyright, e.g. Taylor Swift soundtracking.

• science-focused

• Horizontal or Vertical videos are okay                                    


There is no limit on the number of submissions per lab.

A few examples would be a video on a particular scientific project in the group (something that is already in the public domain), an animation, an overview of the lab’s work, your story in science before joining the Dept and what it is like to work here, or a day in the life.

Be safe at all times; for any videos recorded in the laboratory, ensure that, as normally, everyone is wearing standard PPE and all normal health and safety procedures must be followed.

Videos should be sent using to by noon on 16th September.

  • File type can be .mov, .mpeg-4, .webp. with maximum 5 GB size.  

To make it fair for everyone, Paolo will not be able to provide specific assistance before submission but you can find helpful information here:

Example science videos:

(Some of these are extremely good, so don’t worry if you don’t reach that level. Telling a scientific story with enthusiasm, without any fancy editing, can be great too.):

Meet our Chemists videos from Camb Dept of Chem

Dance your PhD competition e.g.

iGEM team videos,

On the Away Day, we aim to show videos on a screen by the posters and the prizes will be awarded. We are excited to see your entries!