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Dr Yavuz Kulaberoglu

Dr Yavuz Kulaberoglu

Research Associate

(Dr Ewan Smith Group)

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 3 34043


  • Cancer biology, Cancer therapeutics, Molecular biology, proteomics, genetic screens, Chip-seq.


  • Cell Signalling
  • Cancer and Infectious Diseases

Key Publications


Hoa, L.#, Kulaberoglu, Y.#, Gundogdu, R., Cook, D., Mavis, M., Gomez, M., Gomez, V. and Hergovich, A. (2016) ‘The characterisation of LATS2 kinase regulation in Hippo-YAP signalling’, Cellular Signalling, 28(5), pp. 488–497. doi: 10.1016/j.cellsig.2016.02.012.

Kulaberoglu, Y., Gundogdu, R., Hergovich, A. (2016) `The role of p53/p21/p16 in DNA damage signalling and DNA repair`, Genome Stability

Chisnall, B., Johnson, C., Kulaberoglu, Y. and Chen, Y.W. (2013) ‘Insoluble protein purification with Sarkosyl: Facts and precautions’, in Methods in Molecular Biology. Springer, pp. 179–186.