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Department of Pharmacology


Department of Pharmacology Tea Club


Tea Club will be held as usual in the Departmental Lecture Theatre at 4 pm on Fridays in Full Term. After the talk there will be wine and nibbles and a chance to talk informally with the speaker. If anyone wishes to have some time with any speaker before the talk, or have dinner with them afterwards, please contact in advance.


Department of Pharmacology Virtual Tea Club
Lent 2021 (4 pm Friday)

22nd January
Ritwick Sawarkar Chromatin response to SARS CoV-2 infection identifies a therapeutic target
MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Cambridge

29th January
Maria Marti System-specific isoform expression as a physiological driver of GPCR signalling bias
LMB, Cambridge

5th February
Angela Russell Discovery of Small Molecules to Manipulate Cell Fate In Vivo: Towards New Therapies for Degenerative Diseases
Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford

12th February
Sarah Ross Oxygen-dependent control of T-cell mediated immunity
Babraham Institute

19th February
Jon Gibbins Mind the gap: unexpected ways that blood cells talk to each other
Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research, University of Reading

26th February
Geert Bultynck Anti-apoptotic Bcl-2-family members and Ca2+-signaling control
Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Signalling, KU Leuven, Belgium

5th March
James Thaventhiran TBC
MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Cambridge
12th March: Annual David James Lecture 2021
Craig M. Crews PROTAC-mediated Protein Degradation: A New Therapeutic Modality
Yale University

19th March
Susan Duty Pre-clinical exploration of neuroprotective strategies for Parkinson’s disease.

King's College

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for further details

Last year

Department of Pharmacology Virtual Tea Club 2020-2021

4 pm Friday – to be held online

9th October

Ewan Smith

Driving and Controlling Nociception

Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge




16th October

Roisin Owens

Tissue engineering bioelectronic devices for disease modelling and drug discovery

Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, University of Cambridge




23th October

Franziska Denk

Using public RNA sequencing data to benefit your own science – examples from peripheral neuro-immune dysfunction in pain states

Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases, King's College, London




30th October

Will Brackenbury

Regulation of breast cancer progression by Nav1.5 channels

University of York




6nd November


Angeliki Malliri

Rac GTPase signalling in KRAS mutant non small cell lung cancer

Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute




13th November

Stefan Feske

Ion channels in T cell physiology: ORAI, STIM and beyond

School of Medicine, New York University




20th November


Beata Wojciak-


Kruppel-like factor 2 signalling in pulmonary arterial hypertension/or endothelial dysfunction in PAH

National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI), Imperial College, London




27rd November


Peace Atakpa

An intimate liaison: ER-lysosome Ca2+ cross-talk

Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge

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Last year Seminars:


Dr Fiona Marshall

The search for drug directed at G protein coupled receptors

VP Head of the UK Discovery Centre for MSD Research Laboratories

Contact Taufiq Rahman  for further details

Department of Pharmacology Tea Club 2018-2019

4 pm Friday – Departmental Lecture Theatre

5th October

Paul Miller

Towards rational drug design against GABA-A receptors

Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge




12th October

Sarah Flatters

Understanding mitochondria to treat and predict chronic pain

King’s College, London




19th October

Alejandra Tomas Catala

Targeting Receptor Trafficking to Improve Beta Cell Function

Department of Medicine, Imperial College, London




26th October

Stephen Tucker

New Insights into K2P Channel Structure, function and Pharmacology

Clarendron Laboratory, Dept. of Physics, University of Oxford




2nd November


David Rubinstein

Autophagy and neurodegeneration

Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, University of Cambridge




9th November

Stephen Hill

NanoBRET approaches to study target engagement, ligand-binding kinetics andreceptor oligomerization of GPCRs and RTKs

School of Life Sciences, University of Nottingham




16th November


Delphine Larrieu

Identifying new players in nuclear envelope regulation to delay premature ageing

Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, University of Cambridge




23rd November


Lucie Clapp

Prostacyclin mimetics in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension: a revisit of cellular targets

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, University College London

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Case Studies series

This term also sees the start of our Case Studies series. The aim of this series is to set pharmacology in its wider context, through talks by people who use pharmacology in their work, such as pharmaceutical companies, consultants, government agencies and charities.

These talks are on Friday afternoons at 2:30pm, in the Lecture Theatre, with time for tea and cake before Tea Club. The schedule is below.

Case Studies and Tea Clubs are important parts of the course. We expect all Part II students to attend all of these talks.  


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