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IT Registration Form

The IT Registration Form is to be completed and signed by all new students, staff, temporary workers and visitors. Please if you do have any query regarding this form visit the IT office Level 1 office 104 or Level 4 office 406 or email it to

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Resources applied for   Note: Some resources can only be given to official members of the University i.e. University card, email, and Raven

I have read the attached IT Rules and Regulations and understand that allocations of computing resources are made and may only be used subject to the rules issued from time to time by the Computer Officer of the Department of Pharmacology, and I agree to abide by such rules.

I promise to inform the IT office of any changes in the above details in a timely manner.

I certify that I am a current Student/Member of Staff/Visitor of the University/Temp.


IT Rules and Regulations

The following Rules and Regulations are those defined by the Computer Officer, Mr Abbi Abbioui, to comply with rules and regulations defined by the University of Cambridge Computing Services. The following rules, designed to ensure effective operation of the department computing facilities, apply to all users. Breaches of the rules are taken very seriously and can lead ultimately to offenders being denied use of university computing facilities.

  1. No equipment may be connected in any way into any network or other facility of the department without the prior written agreement of the Computer Officer. This includes setting up or connecting to wireless networks, VPNs, proxies or any internet sharing in the Department. Unauthorised use of any computer facility constitutes a breach of the department regulations.
  2. Users must not watch on demand TVs or listen to internet radios: e.g. Youtube, iPlayer ...etc & downloading & uploading of personal photos and music.
  3. Users must not in any way cause any form of damage to the departments facilities, nor to any of the accommodation or services associated with them.
  4. Users must adhere to the terms and conditions of all licence agreements relating to computing facilities which they use including software, equipment, services, documentation and other goods. Users must not load onto the computer facilities any software without permission from the Computer Officer.
  5. Users must not deliberately introduce any virus, worm, Trojan horse or other harmful or nuisance program or file into any computing facility. Nor take deliberate action to circumvent any precautions taken or prescribed by the department to prevent this.
  6. Users must not read, copy, delete or amend the data or data structures of other users without their permission.
  7. Unless expressly permitted by the Computer Officer in respect of a particular computing facility, users must not use another users ID or password, nor communicate any password issued to them to another person. Users must also take all reasonable precautions to avoid the discovery of their password by another person and, having logged in, must not leave computing facilities unattended and potentially useable by another person.
  8. The creation, display, production or circulation of illegal or offensive material in any form or medium is forbidden.
  9. Users must take every precaution to avoid damage to equipment caused by smoking, eating or drinking. For example, smoking, eating or drinking in any student computing facilities room is forbidden. NO MOBILE PHONES.
  10. Users must respect the rights of others and should conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner when using computing facilities.
  11. Users' data and software will, where appropriate, be subject to published procedures for their removal or archiving after specified periods.
  12. Users' printouts and other output will, where appropriate, be disposed of after published periods if not collected.
  13. The IT facilities should not be used for non-academic activities. Downloading and installing unlicensed or freeware software is forbidden unless authorised by the Computer Officer. Using applications to download and share copyrighted materials, playing computer games, sending non-essential e-mail and other non-essential use of facilities are not permitted e.g. downloading the latest box office movies, games and mp3s or selling goods.
  14. Users are asked to co-operate with the Computer Officer in keeping the computing locations tidy. Users are asked to remove their output and other pieces of paper from the computing facilities and to place unwanted items in the dustbins or the recycle boxes provided.

Details of the Rules on the Computing Facilities/services can be found here: