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Department of Pharmacology


We are proud to announce our participation in The Gurdon Institute's 2024 Aspiring Scientist Training Programme!

The ASTP is designed to give A-level biology students a chance to experience what a career as a biologist entails, from bespoke workshops with experts in the sector, to networking opportunities with scientists and the chance to explore life at a world-renowned research university.

For one week, students will:

  • spend afternoons in a lab each day, learning and practising research techniques
  • attend four bespoke, interactive workshops with experts
  • research a scientific topic or technique and create and deliver a presentation to peers and researchers
  • meet and network with PhD students and other scientists to talk to them about their jobs and get advice about careers and educational opportunities
  • explore Cambridge University, with the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from staff and students

We aim to host around five students this year.

Dates: 7th-12th July
Apply Now: